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Super delicious.


This was the best mule sauce I have ever had! Moreover, this is the best hot sauce I’ve ever gotten from a sticker supplier. And that is saying something! Sticker Mule’s stickers stick. And their Mule Sauce kicks!

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A new tongue


After a mere Drop I felt like my tongue had experienced the miracle of birth and the tragedy of death.

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Wonderful. I got two. Kept one and gifted one. Loved the stickers it came with too!

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Don’t use for personal lube

Brian Austin

As for a hot sauce , this stuff is amazing. I put it on everything. It’s def got some kick so it ain’t for the faint of heart. As for a personal line, I don’t recommend. Keep it in the kitchen!

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Suprisingly Sweet Flavor Saves You From Total Ass-kicking

Jeffrey Lewis

I wanted to write a review that burros a bunch of mule puns throughout, but I risk looking like a smart ass. So I'll just say this sauce was ridonkeylous and leave it at that!

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New flavorful hot sauce on the block

Ken Nguyen

This hot sauce doesn't pack that strong of a punch, but is very flavorful and a bit on the sweet side. Tasted very good with the variety of foods I put it on.

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This is some kick a$$

Tabby Catt

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I'm at a loss for words.

Arman Nobari

There's no reason a sticker printing company should make hot sauce this good. It simply does not make sense. But in all seriousness, as a person who's spent upwards of $400 on specialty sauces in the last few years, I can confirm: Mule Sauce kicks ass. The blend itself is absolutely on point. We put it on everything, and go through a bottle in about 2 weeks. I highly recommend it.

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Good hot sauce

Christopher Maney

I really enjoyed the hot sauce it was a good combination of flavor and heat.

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Hotter than I expected

Eric Ferguson

Good kick, it starts off bright with a nice earthy middle and long peppery finish.