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Sooo good!

Stephanie Nieman

The Mule Sauce is a nice order bonus. It’s flavorful without being burn-your-mouth hot. My favorite thing to put it on is pizza.

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Lace Drinks

Very good

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Seth Filyaw

Made my butt burn, just how I like it

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good and spicy

Candy Minosa

The hot sauce arrived complimentary with my order and it was delicious and very spicy.

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Hay Camp

This sauce is cool, but it is not as hott as I think I had in mind. Also very on the sweet side, with sugar.

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Super Delicious

Dick's Drive In

Has a great blend of flavors and is good on so many things!

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Flavor Boost!

Brittany Roderique

Sometimes what the company orders for lunch can be a little bland, but adding this sauce to almost any dish really gives it a nice kick of flavor. Pizza, tacos, Chinese food, eggs or even chicken wings. I love keeping this in the office just in case a caterer or food vendor turns out to be bland. Awesome to have handy in a flavor pinch!

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Brandon LeMieux

Seriously hot! But great flavor

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Gianmarco Palumbo

adesivi perfetti, di ottima qualità

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Boyfriend likes it

Janice Marfiz

I am not a hot sauce kinda girl as I'm from the Midwest and spice wasn't really in my home growing up. However my boyfriend tried this on his tacos last night and said it was good. Said it didn't have as much heat as he thought and it was more sweet with a kick