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Great sauce

Austin Aitken

Tasty and pretty hot. A sauce that you can drop on a bite that packs the punch of heat you are looking for, but also has flavor as well. It's not just a food additive to heat up whatever you are cooking.

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You Need Some

Elias Ibarra

Your tacos need this kick, don't be mean to your tacos.

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Pretty Good

An Alien

I like to add this stuff to soups. It really give them that final touch

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A little kick

Cirrus House

I like really hot sauce, this is a mild/medium (on my subjective scale) but it has a good flavor. I enjoyed it on hamburgers, eggs, grilled chicken and nachos (along with my hot jalapenos). I even mixed it with one of my hot ghost pepper sauces. It was a fun flavor to experiment with on different things. Did I like it? well the bottle is now empty - so yes!

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Tangy deliciousness

Tim Kuhn

Starts off with a hint of sweetness then, bang the spicy hits your mouth like a tsunami of flavor. Not overwhelming heat like an undertow on the beach, but a gently lapping meld of flavors against your tastebuds causing your senses to enjoy the sensations as slight beads form on your head.

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So good

Ryan Donohue

It's so good, bless this sauce

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Nice Flavor

Gerald Carr

Once we received our Mule Sauce we cracked it open. The smell was sweet and spicy. We immediately started putting it on everything and the taste was amazing.

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Josh Chilton

Flavorful and spicy

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Una bomba

Motoclub Boar's Nest

Buonissima e piccantissima

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My Fiance Loves This S***!

Danielle Kerr

Anytime I place a new order, my fiance asks if it's going to include Mule Sauce because he puts it on literally everything. I'm not a big hot sauce person, but he absolutely loves it! There's apparently nothing StickerMule makes that's bad.