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Very tasty

Rick Williams

Going to a big gathering and plan on taking some with me as I have gotten 3 or 4 bottles so far since I order on a regular basis.

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For People who make stickers....

Willem S. Hartong

This is a very good hot sauce.

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This sauce goes on anything!

Tyler Kreischer

I’ve put this sauce on almost everything. There’s a little bit of sweetness to offset the heat. I will definitely be purchasing again in the future.

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Rex Rouse

I don't personally each much sauce but I took it to a friends house and the guys there really liked it.

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Suprisingly good hot sauce

Crestone Clothing

I got it for free because I spent so much $$$ but it's been my favorite hot sauce since. It's very sweet, like barbeque sweet, but still spicy. I was excited to get over the order limit again to get another and I'm afraid I'll end up buying it at some point. They got my good with the free bottle and now I'm in love.

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Bottle broke and sauce oozed out!

Will Capellaro

I didn't get to try the sauce itself, but even worse, the bottle broke and soaked into the cardboard packaging.

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Free aint bad. Even better when it tastes so good.

Jacob Gadewoltz

Helluva good kick, and the taste to back it up. Good Stuff.

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So good!

Laura Costley

Wondered how and why a sticker company would have a hot sauce. It’s simple. It’s good!

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Good sauce

Ethan Ash

Hot enough with a little sweet something, a very good sauce.

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My Favorite Hot Sauce

Dallas Middleton

It always feels like I am getting something a little extra special when I receive a bottle of Mule Sauce with my order. This sauce has become one of my favorites and I use it on just about everything from pizza to avocados.