Deliverables from Sticker Mule were not accurate at all

Sean McClain

I ordered a label roll from Sticker Mule on 04/02 with the extra payment for arrival 04/08. I get an email from them 04/08 saying they would not be there until 04/12; already compromising a bottle release that were pre-purchased and the rest to go on sale. Went on twitter, got promised that these 30 kiss stickers would arrive Saturday morning 04/10, and they did not arrive until 04/13. Was given a statement credit, unfortunately the money lost from refunds and not promising on my deliverables to customers resulted in a much further loss. This order from start to finish was completely butchered. The labels themselves were nice, do not stick well with anything with moisture. Lack of phone number is very, very irritating.

¿Te gusta? Es fácil pedir tus Stickers semi-troquelados también 🙂