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I’ve ordered a few things from sticker mule and the finish is usually okay but the adhesive is very weak.

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Great Quality!!!

Sticker Mule was a very quick and easy way to print my custom stickers! After sending my proofs in they got back to me in minutes!!! Now that's what I call customer service! My proofs needed some tweaking and the emailed me and after I revised it they got back to me again in minutes! They were very easy to communicate with and helpful. Will definitely order from Sticker Mule again and again!... Más información

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Came out perfect!

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wrong font

I know that I approved this sticker, but only when it came I realized that the font was changed on `a` and `e`. The stickermule team was super helpful so thanks for that.

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Production folks changed my artwork

I ordered stickers from Sticker Mule. Unfortunately their production team took it upon themselves to change the vector logo artwork supplied for some unexplained reason? Changed the letterspacing and space between elements in our logo in two of the three stickers we had produced. I guess they decided our logo wasn't up to their standards (we're graphic designers)? Disappointed in the final prod... Más información

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Fantastic service!

Really happy with the whole process and the finished product is really high quality. Very happy with my stickers! I will definitely be reordering them in the near future.

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Great Quality

Great product. Very reasonable price

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Dope Stickers !

First of all, you made my stickers look better than they were. I ordered once and there were ten in the order. I knew there weren't enough when I ordered, but I went ahead with it to save money. I ended up having to order ten more. When the order arrived, you sent 17, 7 more thrown in just to be cool? Were you just being cool? Are you just that cool? Yes you are. Yes you are.

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Very pleased!

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