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Window clings!

Joel Daniel Harris

Love the new product!

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Über window sticker

Jim Whatley

Only sticking point is backing is not easy to get off.

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Great job!

Carlo Zausa

My stickers are perfect and the service too!

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Window stickers

Jason Schwager

Great sale and excellent quality!

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Attention to Detail; Nice Job


I really like the way you guys added your spin on my window decal; it cleaned-up an otherwise busy design. Thanks to StickerMule I was able to fit in our physical address of earth's relative location, our website, city and state, as well applicable bible verse all around the main message was very satisfying. Mahalo.

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Spectacular customer service!


I LOVE the new window stickers and even more so after I contacted customer service with a problem (of MY OWN making - not their fault at all) and they kindly addressed the problem (after normal work hours no less) and got a new shipment of stickers to me very quickly. Kudos to Sticker Mule - you guys are the best!

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A little thin

Drew Ackerman

These look great but I was expecting them to be a little thicker. You need to be careful when applying them so they don't wrinkle or fold.

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Katie Cooney

Absolutely, Perfect! Love, love, love Stickermule. I've found the perfect company to work with from start to finished. Thanks for being so Awesome!

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Awesome product, great price.

Ian Stedman (Magic Meeple Games)

Delivered as advertised and the prices were great. These came out inexpensive enough for me to give them away in all of our mailed correspondence