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Marc Epstein


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Great Work!

Andrew James Gibson

I ordered this for my sister, and it turned out great! As a joke I printed out a tweet from a person she doesn’t like and taped it on top of the glass. I can’t wait for her to open it!

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great quality frame

Zachary Lopez

Great quality frame, had a nice weight to it and well printed image.

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Mockup is different than the actual delivered product

Nathan Sykes

The mockup is different than their finished product. They did refund me.

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Nice frame, a bit low quality on the print however.

Jack Harrhy

Frame was great, but as noted in the title, the quality of the print itself seemed more pixelated than I would've expected from stickermule, however this was only looking at the tweet up close, from far away it looks fine.

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Absolutely awesome


Perfect as always. Absolutely recommended!

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Influencers will go Crazy

Hugo Romano

Perfect gift for an influencer.

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Everyone has a favorite tweet, whether funny or inspirational. So why not have it beautifully printed and framed for everyone to see? It’s probably my favorite office decoration.

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Nicely done... Wouldn't pay the currently advertised price

Joel Bennett

I was blessed to get this during the Free pilot and ordered quickly. Looks great, with frame and matte, although the hanging hardware on the back left much to be desired. When I saw they had launched this at $89 after the fact, I immediately thought it was way too much, especially if you are unable to hang it properly with the hardware. I think it would be better set at a $39 price point. A... Meer lezen

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Super fancy-Promotional Review


I feel like this frame is too fancy for my tweet, but that’s what makes me treasure it more—Since it’s stupidly over the top. xD It showcases the first time when I found Raymond in Animal Crossing. Truly a destined meeting. I sometimes can’t tell if my framed tweet is suppose to be a joke or a meaningful art piece, since it was dated April 1st. But I guess that’s what makes it more interesti... Meer lezen