Bird Gang

A review for 1.25" Round buttons by Alexis.

Bird Gang

Great deal (but one button was messed up)


The buttons turned out nicely (except for one). I had ordered them as part of a limited deal offer. Overall, I was happy with the product and the price, but I was disappointed that one of the buttons had fallen apart (looked like it was missing the clamp piece). But since it was just one button, I didn't bother contacting Stickermule for a replacement since my order was such a steal in terms of the cost anyway.

I had a great experience with the approval process and was able to provide alternate files when I didn't like my first proof. I think the proof for the back side of the button is a bit deceiving because it makes you think the writing is completely viewable from the back of the button, but I didn't mind the final result.

I think there needs to be some kind of QA/inspection when before these items get shipped out in case there are buttons that hadn't been put together correctly.