Prickly Snack

A review for 1.5" Round buttons by Misheru-san.

Prickly Snack

Good Buttons, As Long As You Use CYMK


I really like the quality of the buttons but it would have been great to know that they print in CYMK. Nowhere did I see anything saying that all of Stickermule’s products were printed in CYMK. (And yes, now I know that most everything is printed in CYMK. But people who aren’t familiar with print often down know this or how CYMK works.)
My buttons were like 5 shades darker than what they were supposed to be, and a the color was a bit off.
But since my stickers didn’t have this issue, I didn’t know that the buttons would.

I contacted support about it and they gave me a color chart and asked me which CYMK color profile I’d like to use, and I honestly have no idea. I stared at the chart for hours, asked around for help understanding it, and tried looking up information to better understand CYMK, and I still don’t understand it.

So yeah. Convert your RGB files to CYMK, or draw in CYMK. Maybe do a test print at home and adjust your file accordingly. Or if you’re like me and don’t have a printer, drag your laptop (assuming you use one) to an office store that prints, and pay to test print there and adjust as needed.

But if you are a printing nerd and understand CYMK vs. RGB, you’ll be fine.