Happy as a Mule eatin' briars!

Taz Halloween

I'm gushin' & yee-hawin' so much I'm speechless, but I'll try & be succinct. After searching for a local (to me) company to produce my products in as fast as possible turnaround, I stumbled across Sticker Mule. It was a time sensitive issue due to current conditions in the world. Turnaround was amazingly fast! Y'all cleaned up my design flaws SO beautifully. Because I'm not charging folks for my buttons, your fair price allowed that to happen without buyer's stress. I am FANatical about your company now & WILL come to you for all of my needs. Well, my product needs. You've made me & many others, very happy. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

Like this? It's easy to order your own 2.25" round buttons too 🙂