Get Fresh | Brookline Farmers' Market

A review for 2.25" Round buttons by Glenn Berger.

Get Fresh | Brookline Farmers' Market

Awsome Possum!

Glenn Berger

Stickermule comes through again! These look terrific and the reorder was processed, produced and in hand within 4 days! They're a big hot too. As a designer, my favorite thing about these is that Stickermule thinks about the extras that make an item like this special in particular the option to place small text around the verso side of the button is extra cool. I can be witty and hide a surprise message — it's like a button and fortune cookie in one. And I simply cannot say enough about the efficient proofing turn-around. They say 8 hours, not. More like 2 hours max. I once submitted a design late Sunday night and had my proof in 20 minutes! I made two rounds of design tweeks, but I was in production in just under 2 1/2 hours. The secret of course is follow the template. These folks are pros — be creative in design, but do follow the production specs — they've thought things through. Now when are they going to expand into other collateral (postcards....)

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