2.25" Round buttons

A review for 2.25" Round buttons by Janette Kim.

First Round of Buttons

Janette Kim

First time buying anything from Sticker Mule/Button Frog, I had not originally intended to make buttons, but I saw the promotion and thought it was worth a shot.

The button's colors actually turned out very well, I'm impressed. It's well put together and looks rather professional.

Interesting texture on the plastic though, it has a very slight grainy feel and you can see the little divots under some bright light. I only mention this because I'm familiar with another type of plastic cover where it is completely smooth and flat and I was expecting something more like that.

I dunno if it has to do with the type of paper or the printing, but the dpi looks a tad low, I can look up close and see the tiny individual dots. If you're looking for super smooth, photo quality buttons, perhaps wait a bit until they upgrade their equipment. If you're working with minimal colors and vector, you'll probably be fine.

Other than that, I'm happy with these buttons, it was my first foray into it and Button Mule is willing to do as many proofs until you're satisfied, so that's a plus.

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