Reviews for 2.75" x 1.75" rectangle buttons

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Love them!


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Great Product and Price!

Awesome job once again - we love using your products!

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Great Buttons! Great Service!

The product looks so great. We are very happy with them. Just as we designed them! Great job Sticker Mule. Will definitely purchase from you again and recommend you to everyone!

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For my company...

Buttons were great!

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Hard Fans Love It!

These buttons are for our core fans and they feel very special when they are presented with theirs. They are awarded to our best fans, They can't be bought. (On the other hand, how much have you got? - Todd Snider). They look great, the quality is excellent and we are very happy with them.

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Another perfect product

Well, they’ve done perfection again.

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Pro Level work

These buttons are impressive. They did a wonderful job with them. Delivery was great. My kids want to walk around with them. Thank you

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Fantastic job. I am so happy with my order!

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Super Cool

My buttons are totally rad tubular gnarly sauce.

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StickerMule Rocks

Our buttons came out fantastic! There was a delay to my order because of a machinery issue, but they overnighted them to me and gave me more money off than I even paid because of a deal. I cannot recommend StickerMule enough. No place I've ever dealt with ever has had better customer service. I wasn't even complaining or asking for compensation. I was just inquiring about my order since my wife... Read more