OTA bumper stickers turn the 7 hills upside-down

A review for Bumper stickers by Oktobervision.

OTA bumper stickers turn the 7 hills upside-down

Stickermule is the shiz-nit (they're awesome)


Stickermule provides the best full color stickers in the world. Don't even try to argue with me because they are THE BEST. They also do a great job of making the ordering process easy enough for a trump voter (not me) to order. Stickermule is the God of stickers. Every sticker order they complete is like a lightning bolt being sent down to earth from the heavens. The marketplace that Stickermule provides is an option that you can't find from any other sticker manufacturer that I'm aware of. This company knows how to think outside the box. I don't work for Stickermule but if they need someone to tell the world how great they are, just let me know.

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