Clandestine Design

A review for Circle roll labels by Timothy Talbot.

Clandestine Design

Quality, price, and timeliness continues to impress.

Timothy Talbot

I've been very pleased with Sticker Mule since I started using this service well over a year ago. The process is about as simple as it gets and the product lineup continues to expand. The new sticker roll is convenient decorating my outgoing shipments with my company logo to give my packages a little extra pop for a very reasonable price.

The only thing I would recommend would be to tweak the box that the sticker roll comes in to be a dispensing spool. Basically, I'd put a slot in the top of the box or have some kind of stick through the middle (think toilet paper roll) to hold the roll in place. I would also rotate the sticker orientation 180 degree so it's right side up when I pull it out of the box.

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