The Dirty Pickle

A review for Circle roll labels by hector.

The Dirty Pickle



ok, so i LOVE sticker mule! ESPECIALLY as opposed to the "robot" guys! Service, quality, quick turnaround! i won a sandwich shop and have been using 1 1/2 circle stickers to seal the butcher paper wrapped logs of love! GREAT!!! awesome quality stickers for sure! patrons have even taken these little gems of their sammies, and relocated them to their skateboards, baby strollers, cars, laptops, phones, and even a few public signs...!
so... i knew the roll stickers wouldn't be as fantastic, but... was saddened by the lack of stickiness. these babies want to be stars, but they keep falling from the sky. they WANT to stick and do their job, but they're just a little too weak. i can't really use the ones i ordered for much, so i'l have to go back to their super sticky brothers, and hope for a good sticky upgrade in the future!!!

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Cara Blome (Sticker Mule)

Thanks for the feedback! As you know, roll labels are brand new and feedback like this helps us improve! :)

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