30% Off Breakfast

A review for Circle roll labels by Emily.

30% Off Breakfast

Awesome product, super fast


Needed some stickers to use for a fast-approaching promotion and could not have been happier with the product we received from Sticker Mule. The labels are exactly what we needed - they have a great smooth, satin finish which not only makes them easy to apply, they're easy to remove as well! No digging with fingernails, no Goo-Gone, no ripping and tearing with leftover remnants... stick it on, pull it off. Oh, and they're SUPER fast. If you approve your proof in a timely manner, you might even receive your order early! What a pleasant surprise to receive our shipment 2 days early! This type of service isn't rocket science, but you'd think it was given it's scarcity these days. Sticker Mule is definitely our go-to when we need anything they make!

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