Honestlie circle

A review for Circle stickers by Honestlie.

Honestlie circle

Great price. Awesome product


I was reviewing sticker sites to get a print for my band and came across Stickermule. I liked the options that they had and the pricing deals that come with ordering more than one type of sticker. After my order, I was tended to professionally when I hadn't received my invoice. My shipping date was sped up to assure that they would arrive around the same time I was initially quoted. Definitely impressed with the product and service. Stickers do not have that typical glossy glare but are still weather resistant. I had to water-test them because- upon first glance- you would think that they were not made for outdoor use. But after 3 hours of exposure to water, no wear. I will be using Stickermule from here on out as long as service and product quality stay the same.

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