Circle stickers

A review for Circle stickers by Higher School of Economics.

Pretty happy, would rate 4/5 stars (I think 3 stars is too limiting)

Higher School of Economics

At a first glance I notice that the top sticker was damaged when it was packaged. Since I'm selling these stickers, I just decided to give that one to myself and count it as a loss.

As I went through the stickers I noticed two problems: (1) white flecks on some stickers that when removed with a blow of air revealed a slight indent. Now most people aren't going to be that up close and personal with a sticker, but at a cost of $1/each to me, I worry it will be hard to justify to customers the price, and (2) a number of the stickers have these odd parallel lines next to each other. When I did an inventory of the stickers by hand, I noticed that it's on probably 5-10% of the stickers. While it's not terribly noticeable (I saw them with glasses on), it's the $1/sticker thing.

(in the pic, the bubbles were my fault)

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