Company stickers

A review for Circle stickers by Ben Steed.

Company stickers

They weren't the quality I was expecting

Ben Steed

First off, I love the interface of the website- it's super high quality and made me think that their products were too. I uploaded vector image and the proof sent back was slightly blurry, after emailing the company, found out that the blurred image is standard, so I trusted them and approved the project for production. The blurred proof didn't give me much confidence though! After receiving the stickers, I thought they would a.) be glossy and b.) have the white edge around like the example when you choose which type of sticker you want. My stickers came out more of a matte color with no white edge like most die cut stickers. Also, theres not a pre cut back portion of the sticker which makes it easier to peel off the sticker, yo really have to use your finger nails to peel the sticker. I wanted to love StickerMule, but overall, the website and process is really good but product is ok, not great but not horrible.

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