"Jad Stickers"

A review for Circle stickers by Jad C..

"Jad Stickers"

High quality stickers for a great price!

Jad C.

My friends wanted me to get stickers of my face (hehe) to distribute, so I waited for a Sticker Mule sale to come around and one finally came recently. I ended up getting 100 stickers for $28 and could not be happier. Everyone who got a sticker was so pleased with the quality (print and sticker in general) that some even went and bought their own on Sticker Mule.

The process was SO EASY to get my stickers. I simply placed my order and sent in all my images and assets. The design teams at Sticker Mule then put the assets and images together into a proof. I rejected the first few because of minor issues, but after a few revisions the stickers were perfect.

I will definitely be ordering a ton more in the future. Great job Sticker Mule! Cheers.

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