My Company's Stickers

A review for Circle stickers by Sabrina Blackwell.

My Company's Stickers

They weren't exactly as I wanted.

Sabrina Blackwell

I had gone back and forth with the company about putting the pink boarder close to the edge of the sticker and I thought that was what it was going to be but when I got the stickers there is a large white boarder between the edge of the sticker and the pink boarder where my design started--they are only 1 inch so the white boarder really shows up more and it makes my design much smaller.
So they are ok, but just ok. The quality is really good, the color is good--just the actual outcome of my design on the stickers is not great. : (

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Kalie Bishop

Thanks for the review! We will reach out via email to get this resolved as quickly as possible!

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