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A review for Circle stickers by Felix.

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My stickers were a bit disappointing


As an overall product, I can live with what I got but being a graphic/ product designer I am a bit unnerved at the fact that I specifically asked if the pixelation from the proof would appear on my stickers and although they assured me it wouldn't, there definitely was some level of pixelation. Also, one of the sections of the sticker where I was anticipating the color black to appear seems to have come out a bit on the brownish/ blueish/faded black side.. I can't even make out what color it is.. Which kinda sucks. I'll take some of the blame for perhaps not setting up the file 100% correctly but I guess lesson learned.. I would use stickermule again, we would just have to work a bit closer next time.

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Mark Baek

Sorry to hear there was pixellation! That should not have happened, as we print our stickers in ultra-high resolution. Can you send details and a photo to We'd be happy to get to the bottom of this right away. :)

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