Round 2"

A review for Circle stickers by Kinetik Media.

Round 2"

Not Great

Kinetik Media

I started my own agency and was excited to order stickers to give to clients etc and when i got the stickers I wasn't impressed. While the cost and speed of delivery was great, the quality was not. Being a creative studio I was hoping the quality of the sticker would support the brand and demand I put on our creative but now I have a drawer full of stickers i wont use and definitely won't send to clients. The print quality looked like something I could have done on an inkjet printer at home. Colors were pretty accurate but the mark/logo was blurry and cheap looking. Even worse, customer service...I submitted internal reviews to Sticker Mule that I wasn't satisfied and not one response back, no apologies or understanding to why the quality was poor. Hopefully making the review public helps their customer service and anyone else before buying.

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