Tenneessee 666

A review for Circle stickers by lauren rae holtermann.

Tenneessee 666

StickerMule vs. the evil package thief

lauren rae holtermann

recently my UPS guy has apparently been trying to shave 45 seconds off his route by leaving my packages in plain view of the buy ass street I live on instead of around the back like the other delivery guys do. first the thieves got 24 cans of special diet rabbit & carrot recipe wet cat food, and now they also have 200 high quality vinyl stickers of my design—the center of the Tennessee flag with pentagrams for stars. I can only hope they're using both to their full potential usage. either way, sticker mule replaced these bad boys insanely fast! I got them 5 days earlier than the expected ship date, after explaining I needed em for an event this weekend. both Matt and Christina in customer service handled my problem quickly and professionally. fuck yeah, sticker mule.

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