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Just ok

When I ordered I hit the approve button but then saw a mistake...oh nooooo customer service...this is not going to be fun. Nope it was awesome the customer service is amazing and very helpful. They resolved my issued and sent another proof quickly. The stickers arrive in a nice branded package with little cards to tell me who worked on my order. The stickers are a nice satin finish. I wasn't expecting that but it was a pleasant surprise. There are tiny little indents all over them, not just a couple but every single one has them. (See pic top right side) Maybe this is where the machine grabs them??? I was getting these as giveaways but decided against that b/c I didn't want my customers to think this was the quality I would give them if I ordered them any sort of merch for them. Instead I will just give them to friends and stick them up as advertisements where allowed. The price point was right on the mark. I had a coupon and didn't pay the full price, If I paid $60 I would have been a little upset. I will order again when I need small run, Sticker Mule is perfect for that and I do want to give them another try to see if my order was a fluke or if this is a common issue.

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