Swine Week

A review for Circle stickers by Andrew Siemer.

Swine Week

Excellent Service!

Andrew Siemer

Excellent customer service, I didn't have a large enough file so the support team made me a new logo in vector format, also made multiple changes to it, and sent me the new logo so we could use it for other purposes. I made the stickers to raise money for Swine Week (a community charity event at my school which raises money for a local nonprofit, last year we raised over $500,000). So some how the logo has been distorted as it has been passed around but now with this vector logo we will never have to worry about that again! I was also very impressed with the speed of response and the quality of the stickers. They are very durable and the printing resolution is astronomical. Once again I am very satisfied with the purchase and would definitely recommend! Thank you!

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