Nomar Woodworks Circle Stickers

A review for Circle stickers by NomarWoodworks.

Nomar Woodworks Circle Stickers

Quality is unmatched


Previously I had an order of stickers from a very well known producer of all things office and business related and the quality is nothing near these. My logo has a black line that outlines the circle and when printed on the paper sheets (not vinyl like StickerMule), they were not lined up so when the sticker is peeled from the backing you would only see part of the outline (not very professional in my opinion). These stickers from StickerMule are high quality vinyl and printed perfectly to where my logo almost appears 3D. I will only use StickerMule from now on and the customer service is unmatched. My only gripe with them and it's a little one is that the backing is very difficult to remove as there is no gap between the die cut and the backing or at least a perforation in the back.

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