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A review for Circle stickers by Greg K.

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Greg K

I was so excited to get these! I read some positive things about sticker mule and thought it would be worth it to shell out the extra money for real authentic looking vinyl stickers as a promotional gift for an upcoming film premiere I am throwing, which is now less than a week away.

The stickers I received today were incredibly disappointing. First off, the image and colors are both extremely dull, and do not resemble the original image or proof. Fonts have pixelated lines instead of straight and clean, which gives them an amateur inkjet printer look. Color is pixelated as well, where colors should be clean and solid. Also there are dozens of tiny holes in every sticker. Not sure if this is a manufacturing error or what, but to be honest it is the thing that bothers me the least about these.

I have to say, it's really not the quality I was expecting for nearly $1 a sticker on a bulk order. I've had issues with low quality print jobs in the past and was assuming Sticker Mule was of a higher quality after reading such good things and being referred to by a client. I was expecting professional glossy vinyl stickers you would buy and slap on any skateboard or bathroom wall. That said, I really can't recommend the service based on what i received. These look like I made them at home.

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Greg K

Stickermule contacted me right after posting this and helped troubleshoot the problem. They sent me new stickers that looked great, in time for the premiere and everyone loved them. I wish I could change the 1* review to 4/5. I think they just need to state on the upload page what formats and resolutions work best for optimized results.

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