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A review for Circle stickers by LaPorte's Products, Inc..

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Exactly What We Needed!

LaPorte's Products, Inc.

We initially became aware of stickermule after a friend ordered some stickers for his business and suggested we check out the website. Not knowing what to expect, we uploaded our logo (as is) and ordered a small run of 500. We received exactly what we were looking for! Our three-by-three logo stickers go into every order that gets shipped and are handed out on occasion to boost brand awareness. Being a boating accessory company, they're the perfect sticker to place on tackle boxes and coolers. After posting photos on our social media profiles, past customers began requesting the stickers (since they didn't receive them in their previous orders). After about a week, we're down to about 150 so we'll be placing another order today! Thanks stickermule!

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