1" Round Product Bottle Top Stickers

A review for Circle stickers by Justin.

1" Round Product Bottle Top Stickers

Honest Review


If you're a professional designer used to doing things a certain way... forget it. Your file will get dropped in with total disregard for bleed, crop, instructions, etc. You need to conform to their routine.

If you want full bleed stickers on a say a round sticker, just send a file with nothing more than a few extra pixels of color right to the edge of your layout. This way they put the file in, but don't really have to do anything. No lining up crop marks, no reading your instructions. At most the couple extra pixels of color will get trimmed. You'll end up with what you wanted.

In the end I felt like no one paid attention to crop marks. No one read my instructions. When I uploaded an example of what the final sticker should look like, with instructions, I think they used that file instead of understanding it was my example. Discouraging.


I eventually got what I wanted. Turnaround was fantastic, to included the proofing time. And the sticker quality is good.

I'll use these guys again, and next time I'll be prepared to not give them any bleed, crop or instructions.

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