Funny photos of friend's Faces which will live in infamy forever.

A review for Circle stickers by Dan.

Funny photos of friend's Faces which will live in infamy forever.

Yet to be disappointed after 5 different orders from Sticker Mule between March '17 & Sept '17


So in March 2017, I get served a friendly Facebook ad for this company claiming to have simplistic custom sticker making abilities, so I check them out with no specific project in mind, turns out, they seem like a really neat, small, up and coming business who I want to give a chance. So I find a random photo of my buddy who caught a tiny largemouth bass, and wanted to test out StickerMule's die-cutting abilities. Had a proof within a few hours, and the stickers themselves in hand a few days after, heck yeah was I impressed! Went on to hand those stickers out to 8 of my best friends and had already began preaching the benefits of Sticker Mule. Gone on to order custom packaging tape with another buddy's face on it, over 1000 times his face was printed with great quality on 300ft of packaging tape, repeating gloriously for all our 28 buddies on a group golf trip to see (definitely cited the sourcing manufacturer to them as well). Have since done a custom dimension rectangular sticker order, and two circle sticker orders, and the quality of the stickiness, and the color/accuracy of the printing is friggin phenomenal. Customer for life, who's been spreading the word like some sort of multi-level-marketing rep, only the products are legit, I'm scraping zero commissions, and I'm not nearly as slimy. Like their simplistic marketing emails too. Strictly the good stuff, none of the fluff. Keep up the great work Sticker Mule, you guys rock! Love the personalized signature of who printed/packed the shipments too!- D- Minneapolis, MN, USA.

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