Forest Volunteer pride

A review for Circle stickers by Bill Tarkulich.

Forest Volunteer pride

perfect for the outdoors

Bill Tarkulich

I created recognition and recruitment stickers for the White Mountain National Forest volunteers. The most important criteria was a durable, flexible sticker which could be permanently affixed to a water bottle, a vehicle window or other inflexible item kept or used outside. The stickers need to be strong, we drop or throw our water bottles on rocks, roots and gravel a lot. Stickers will be exposed to temperatures from below zerio to 100.F I've had one sample on my car for six months and another on my water bottle. Aside from the usual scrape, they have held up well. Color has also stayed true, even in sunlight. Ordered about 2,000, arrived in a few days. Reorder was perfect too. And believe it or not, I didn't use any fancy graphic software.

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