ELM Music from the Soul

A review for Circle stickers by Elisha McArthur.

ELM Music from the Soul

Sooooo Super Stoked!!! Above and beyond expectations...

Elisha McArthur

I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am with my stickers! Not only did they come out looking fabulous (the print quality is fantastic,) but the sticker it's self is Super high quality! It's a tough material that stretches (so you can put it on funky curvy or flexible surfaces and it conforms instead of creasing) It is also waterproof, I have one on my paddle (I am a raft guide & use it every day) and my dry bag (which also gets used and wet every day) and so far they are holding up strong! Honestly they are everything I expected and More!
Don't listen to the bad reviews about being hard to peel, they are not that hard to peel. Besides, I wanted individual stickers with good backs that will last, not a roll or split backs.
PS. The price was unbeatable too... All in all these stickers have exceeded my expectations and I marvel at how AWESOME they are every day. Way to go Sticker Mule! I will definitely be ordering stickers from here again in the future.

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