Marilyn Earth 3" Decals for Unearthed Comics

A review for Circle stickers by Sara Zimmerman.

Marilyn Earth 3" Decals for Unearthed Comics

Superbly rad!

Sara Zimmerman

I needed a sticker for my new webcomics, Unearthed Comics. I had used Sticker Mule before so knew i could trust their quality. What I did not expect was the quick turnaround and the improvement in their ordering process.

I use these decals as promotional items giving them away to fans who write me and in turn, many fans take pictures of my decals around the world. They equally comment on the quality of the decals. I am stoked on how they turn out and will continue to use Sticker Mule for my decals so that Unearthed Comics can be seen worldwide.

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