RST Logo stickers

A review for Circle stickers by Scott Toolin.

 RST Logo stickers

Not quite perfect, but better than good.

Scott Toolin

I ordered 200 stickers. They arrived super-quickly! The material seems to be top quality, and will be very durable. The print quality on MOST of them is great. I got worried, because the very first one I looked at had problems. The fine line work was blurry. Not horribly, and not unusable, but I would not have given them to a customer. They came in packs of 50, and in the first pack I found 6 that weren't good. The second pack had 3 more. I have not opened the other 2 packs yet.

All things said, I will order again. I might just make the fine lines a bit heavier. Overall, I am very happy. I think they could step-up the QC, though.

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