Circle stickers

A review for Circle stickers by RANDY WELCH.

not even close to what I thought they would be


Was disappointed in they handled a complaint. I assumed they would have a boarder between the art work and the edge of the sticker since all their sample layouts did {about a 1/8 boarder} I assumed wrong they brought the design right up to the edge of a circle shaped sticker, making the design that also had a {black} outer circle design appear as if it was not centered. It was to be a reproduction of existing sticker that I scanned and sent to them, that had a a 1/8 white boarder around the design. The scanner did a white background and the sticker had a white boarder so the white on white did not show the boarder clear, and they sent a proof in the same way back to me white on white so I did not realize there was no boarder. All I wanted was them to replace them. And they said that my artwork was to blame, that it was so poorly done. I wanted a reproduction of a sticker same size same everything. The sticker artwork was not the problem . There examples were all of designs with a white boarder. They should of sent a proof on a colored background, even a yellow background, a color not a part of the artwork. and I would noticed the mistake. I do not blame them completely but they would not even help me leaving me with worthless stickers. and would not even answer my emails after the first 2. And I was nice about it. Just wanted to know why their samples clearly had white boarders, Also some of the other stickers I ordered had creases down the center from have other packed of stickers pushed into them, about 20 damaged and at a $1 a piece I lost $20 plus the other 200 stickers are trash. { I had two different designs made of two different Reproductions} and they did not even allow me to get to the 20 damaged ones

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