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A review for Circle stickers by Peter Stitcher.

Fly Revolution

Quantities correct. Color, not so much

Peter Stitcher

The reprint of the previously short shipped stickers was quick, and I received the correct number of stickers the second time around. The colors though were off from the file, and I can't quite figure out if you were trying to pull from the RGB or pantone. The cream secondary color came out greenish. The correct color for the cream is R:253 G:248 B:202; or the HSB is H:54 Degrees, S:20%, B: 99%.

If you need a specific file type to match the colors, please list that on your site. I have AI, PSD, JPG, and PDF files.

The proof appeared to be the correct color online, but the print wasn't the same.

How can we tighten this up in the future?
Peter Stitcher
Ascent Fly Fishing

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