Crimson and Gold

A review for Circle stickers by Nick Roberts.

Crimson and Gold

Communication was pretty frustrating

Nick Roberts

When I placed this job, I did so using the Chrome browser. Your website wouldn't allow me to upload my file with Chrome, though, so I used the option to send my art later. In the email confirming my order, I was told that I could send art by attaching it to a response to that email - which I did. After a number of days went by without receiving a proof, I sent a number of emails - to the address that had sent the confirmation, the contact email listed on your site, and someone named Timothy who'd responded to an earlier question I'd had about StickerMule. Each time I asked for some sort of update or response. I never got one. As time ticked away, I tried using Firefox - with the same result (your site wouldn't upload with Firefox). Finally, I tried Safari and the upload worked - eight days after I'd placed the order and attached a file to the email (that I'd been told to do). Only then did my order make it into the production queue. In other words, your company's communication with me was non-existent - and that really sucked. All those emails I wrote just disappeared into the ether, apparently. So yeah, I'm satisfied with the finished product and the cost - but you guys should really try a little customer service sometime.

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