Decal, Valhalla Can Wait (4" circle)

A review for Circle stickers by Jarrod L. Taylor.

Decal, Valhalla Can Wait (4" circle)

I'm impressed

Jarrod L. Taylor

I have placed three orders with Sticker Mule, and this order came with some quality concerns. I didn't contact them because I realized when I looked more closely at the proof, that the flaw was there.

When I wrote my review and selected "okay" for my level of satisfaction, they contacted me almost immediately. I sent a photo of my stickers and explained why I was disappointed in this particular order, and they offered to correct and reprint the order at no cost to me.

So, not only does sticker mule make awesome stickers, they are also concerned about making their customers happy. I'll certainly be a repeat customer in the future.

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