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A review for Clear stickers by Will Warner.

BioIQ Stickers

Nice Stickers

Will Warner

The stickers look great. The process for sending my design and proofing it were painless, and they got here when promised.

There were only two surprises, neither of which would keep me from buying more. The first is that the "clear" background is more like translucent. Since I'm using these for a MacBook cover it's not a problem. But if I was using it on something that was itself transparent, such as a window, it would not be what I expect.

The other problem was that the backing is hard to get off. The first two corners I ended up splitting the backing rather than separating it from the sticker. Luckily there were two more corners to work with. Maybe do some kind of split to make it easier to remove the backing?

Overall I'm happy with them. Thanks!

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