2D Clear Stickers

A review for Clear stickers by Kerry.

2D Clear Stickers

Quality Repeated


This is the second set of stickers I have ordered through StickerMule. My second order was for a new business logo using StickerMule's die cut clear sticker option. I am thrilled to report that the clear stickers are made with the same high quality look and feel as their original die cut stickers.

I love using these stickers on mugs, writing tablets and electronic devices. The great thing about the clear StickerMule stickers is that the color from whatever your adhere the sicker to shows through the clear areas of the sticker.

If I had to pick the worst thing about the clear stickers, it would be that when they are adhered to dark colored objects (say a black mug), the dark background color does somewhat show through the colored areas of the sticker, muting the colors of the colored areas.

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