A review for Clear stickers by Anthony Garica.


Mystically Perfect

Anthony Garica

It was a long day in Fort Worth, the breeze was chilly and the sun was high, after a long day of errands it was back to the desk. Grinding, grinding, grinding, working away, that was until the silence was broken by the barking of dogs and the skip of my heart beat. The UPS driver bound from her truck and as God touched David, she delivered my stickers, I fell to my desk with a galumph and opened the beautiful, funny and wonderfully branded packaging. Out fell my stickers, signatures of the 2 men who made my dreams come true, and a button I strapped tight to my jacket. I received a few stickers extra which only made my day that much more, trust your sticker babies with sticker mule and your sun will riser higher and brighter the day after.

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