TF Stickers

A review for Clear stickers by Ryan Pedersen.

TF Stickers

Stickers "OK", not completely as expected.

Ryan Pedersen

Originally, I had placed an order for a die-cut vinyl decal. This was a logo to put on a prototype and give it a nice, polished look. The logo was about 5" x 3", and apparently just a bit too small (with some fairly small details) to do this die-cut decal. Stickermule responded quickly with this information and suggested using the clear sticker instead. I decided to give it a try.

The stickers arrived very quickly and I threw one on our product. Unfortunately, the stickers had a matte finish to them, and our device has a very polished glossy finish, so the two did not match well. This is not to blame Stickermule. I had the preconceived notion that the sticker would be glossy. They stick very well, I just wish I knew that they were matte finish.

Overall, my experience with Stickermule was good. I would have liked it if they asked a bit more about my application so they could have pointed me in a better direction.

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