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A review for Clear stickers by VBHA-Susan Steger.

The stickers look great IF you can get them off the backing.

VBHA-Susan Steger

We ordered these stickers to apply to 50th anniversary commemorative items. They look great on our product, but the time it takes to remove the backing from the sticker is long and frustrating! If you were applying one sticker, it wouldn't be an issue, but when trying to apply to 50 to 100 items, there are lots and lots of sighs!

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Mark Baek

Thanks for the feedback. We're currently aware of the demand for slit backing and you can vote for us to offer it here: ( For non-clear stickers, we usually suggest kiss cut stickers or one of our circle roll labels, but those options are currently unavailable for clear stickers. We apologize for the issues you're having with peeling, and the chore that it's turned sticker application into, and every bit of feedback helps. If you have any questions, please let us know at!

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