Stickers with background transparency

A review for Clear stickers by Sunbird.

Stickers with background transparency

Nailed it!


I was looking for a vinyl transfer sticker with design elements knocked out. But my design had some very small shapes that didn't fit the minimum requirement for vinyl.

Instead of beefing up the size of the elements and changing the design, I went with a clear sticker approach.

Let me tell you, these came out WAY better than I was expecting. Nice matte finish. Razor sharp shapes and detail. And my circle edge was cropped without a clear border, making it look just like vinyl.

If you were thinking that "clear" might be a problem, think again. The "knocked out" shapes show the background color perfectly, not cloudy at all. My white-only sticker design takes on whatever color people stick it to.

Lots of compliments from people. I highly recommend trying out this approach if you have a lot of intricate details, but still want some transparency. :)

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