Clear mountain

A review for Clear stickers by Anonymous

Clear mountain

Not a fan of these

Originally I had requested transfer stickers and at some point in the proof process they were automatically changed to clear stickers. With the destination for these being on black surfaces, I requested that the "black" in the proof be changed to the lightest grey/silver they had. It seemed evident that it was a robot reading proof emails and changing things as when I would ask direct questions during the proof process, they would not get answered. After the color was changed to a lighter grey, I hoped I could rely on the design team there to have it very light. When they arrived, not only was I surprised that they were not transfers, but the "bright red" and the "lightest grey" just got lost against a black background. I gave it two stars instead of one because the turnaround time is great and if you can actually start emailing a real person you actually get answers and help- but its a bit inconvenient in that respect.

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