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A review for Clear stickers by Anonymous

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The Stickers Were Exactly What I Ordered But...

The Stickers were exactly what i ordered, but I was not aware that the white of the letters would end up clear. It does say clear stickers in the description, but I mainly wanted it to just be translucent enough to let light pass through, but still be black and white. in the end, I had to use the stickers with their backing still on, and an extra adhesive for the application I was trying to do. also, This was more of my issue than your company's side of things, but it was nearly impossible to get the sticker to adhere to a fresh piece of clear acrylic without having a multitude of bubbles, which ended up looking unprofessional. After everything, the stickers did work out, but perhaps in the future I should ask some more questions or be more clear in what I was looking for, before making the order. Otherwise, your company has always been top notch for what we need our stickers to be, and we are grateful for your standard of excellence, through timelines, multiple confirmations of proofs, and quality of the end product.

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