my stickers

A review for Clear stickers by Crystal Lizama.

my stickers

practical use a problem due to how to peel stickers

Crystal Lizama

First, great quality stickers, fast delivery, and I've always gotten good customer service from sticker mule.

So what's the problem? Because the backing the sticker is adhered to is cut in the same shape as the sticker and there's no slit in the back, the sticker are difficult to peel off. This causes a lot of time to be spent just peeling the stickers which becomes too time consuming, especially when there's a lot or it's for business use when the time consumption adds to the cost. Unfortunately because of that it makes the stickers not feasible for practical large scale use, and/or business use.

Everything is great about the company otherwise, so unfortunately it's 3 stars because ultimately they're impractical for business.

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